Profound Dream State

Running with Scissors and Playing with Matchsticks...12

Brown buttered bourbon, Dolin Dry, Benedictine, house ancho syrup

Inflating Caesar's Ego...12

Irish Gin, grapefruit, lemon, Aperol, simple, absinthe, horseradish

Joie De Rouge...10

Red pepper infused sweet vermouth, bonded rye, Lebanese arrack

Citizen Of The World...13

Port-aged Scotch, turmeric honey, pomegranate juice, lime, Peychaud's, egg white

Breakfast Can Wait...12

Peated scotch, cold brew, Averna, dry curaçao, cream float

King Lady...13

Jack Daniels, Rossville Cask Strength Rye, Avua Plata, dry curaçao, Velvet Falernum

One To The Morgue...10

Cognac, Liqour 43, Montanaro Aperitivo, lavender bitters

Conversations With Condensation ...11

Japanese whiskey, apple jack, verjus honey, apple + pear water

Sex, Lies and Stephen...10

Blanco tequila, singani, blanc vermouth, Benedictine, Peychaud's, gin barrel aged orange bitters

Fanfare For The Uncommon Manhattan...11

Ransom Old Tom Gin, OYO Stonefruit Vodka, L'aero D'or, Cherry Heering

The Way The Wild Ones Flourish...12

Blueberry infused OYO Honey Vanilla Bean Vodka, Salers, cinnamon, brown sugar, peach bitters

Patti O'Furniture...11

Cucumber + mint infused blanc vermouth, mezcal, Watershed 4 Peel Gin, tonic

You Stop Naming Nuts...12

Macadamia nut infused mezcal, Yellow Chartreuse, ginger, beet, lemon

The Pirates Guide to Scurvy: Prevention & Treatment...12

Bonded Rye, rum, Peated scotch, lime, orgeat

All The Fireworks At Once...13

Royal Dock Navy Strength Gin, sloe gin, all spice dram, Domaine de Canton

Meeting the Mentors

Memory And Desire ...13

Roasted carrot gin, Aperol, habanero, lemon, ginger, orange bitters, Carolina reaper tincture, saline solution

Naked And Shameless...13

Mezcal, Ancho Reyes Verde, Yellow Chartreuse, lime

Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys...12

Overproof Rum, Smith & Cross, lemon, cinnamon, demerara

Cherry Cobbler...12

Rye, ruby port, orange bitters, orange flower water, luxardo cherries


Lil Marm's Mirage...7

Sundew Green Tea, marmalade syrup, lemon, cardamom bitters, egg white

The Great Deceiver...8

Barley Tea, spicy maple, plum bitters, sage