Profound Dream State

Running with Scissors and Playing with Matchsticks...12

Brown buttered bourbon, Dolin Dry, Benedictine, house ancho syrup

The White Rabbit...13

Watershed Bourbon Barrel Gin, English Breakfast tea, parsnip, fennel, lemongrass, lemon, Watershed Nocino, creme de violet, Absinthe, egg white

Gratuitous Puppet Nudity...13

Oaxacan Agricole Rum, gin, Gruner white wine, dry vermouth, saline

Gossamer & Husk...14

Cognac, Fino Sherry, Gentian Aperitif, Batavia Arrak, Za'atar Spritz

Snackity Pack, Don't Talk Back...11

Glenmorangie, butterscotch snack pack

BAMF Body Heat...12

Mezcal, gentian aperitif, white creme de menthe, served room temperature

Please Wash Hands Before Returning To Earth...11

Bonded Rye, carrot juice, sherry, Eucalyptus tea, allspice dram, ginger, whole egg, cream cheese foam

Diversity Is An Old, Old Wooden Ship...11

Ardbeg, rum blend, cinnamon, turbinado sugar, orange bitters, Peychaud's bitters, rum wash

Lost An Arm, Found A Wallet...11

Rum infused with pistachios and cardamom, Benedictine, Cherry Heering, Ardbeg, mole bitters, rose water

Once Through The Wardrobe...10

OYO Honey Vanilla Bean Vodka, brown buttered bourbon, lemon, orgeat, English Breakfast Tea, bayleaf, orange bitters

Mr. Jones...12

Select barrel bourbon, Montana huckleberry, cream sherry, Cynar, rosemary, fresh pineapple, citrus


Lil Marm's Mirage...7

Sundew Green Tea, marmalade syrup, lemon, cardamom bitters, egg white

Smoked Chili Negroni...8

Barley Tea, ancho chilies, orange peels, cinnamon, sage, NA aperitif