Profound Dream State

Running with Scissors and Playing with Matchsticks...11

Brown buttered bourbon, Dolin Dry, Benedictine, house ancho syrup

The Happy Mistake ...10

Bulleit Rye Whiskey, Maison Rouge, Smith & Cross Jamaican Rum, Bonal Gentiane Quina, Velvet Falernum, St. Germain, Angostura, Peychaud’s

Step Left 2,3, Flip...13

KY Wild Bourbon Barrel Gin, Braulio, Benedictine, sesame oil, whole egg

First Before The Last...12.50

Jose Cuervo, banana liqueur, lemon, Liqueur 43, egg white

Familiar Parts of Unfamiliar Plants...11

Fennel pollen and cinnamon infused Plantation Aged Rum, Benedictine, Suze, Jager Manifest

The Last Kicks of Jane Avril...10

Highbank Vodka, Singani 63, Velvet Falernum, St. Germain, orange flower water

William Moffat's Dope Thing...10

House Tom & Jerry batter, bonded rye, hellfire bitters

The Prudent Muckraker of Parker Munce ...13

Thyme infused OYO Pumpernickel, house cranberry syrup, dry curaçao, Grand Poppy Amaro

Strip And Go Naked Or So They Say...10

Royal Dock Navy Strength Gin, sloe gin, all spice dram, Domaine de Canton

Your Best Socks With Your Worst Sandals...10

Plymouth Gin, Tanqueray Gin, olive brine, mint

Bonfire Of The Sanity ...10

Bonded rye, dry vermouth, cayenne maple syrup, pear juice

Far From The Tree...12.5

Cinnamon and apple infused mezcal, Benedictine, all spice dram

Clean Hands Poppy...10

Monkey Shoulder Scotch, Grand Poppy Amaro, agave, lime, rosemary, Rambling House Ginger Beer

Inside Hymn, In Cider...11

Terragon infused La Quinintinye Dry Vermouth, house fermented kiwi plum syrup, Watershed 4 Peel Gin, Cider

Mr Jones ...12

Select barrel bourbon, Montana huckleberry, cream sherry, Cynar, rosemary, fresh pineapple, citrus

Hot Buttered Rum...10

Secrets in the sauce, big, warm, and boozy

Classical Heroes

His Tai, Her Tai, Their Tai, My Tai...40 (serves 4)

Jamaican rum blend, lime, dry curaçao, house orgeat, simple


Rum, mint, lime, simple, soda

Bees Knees...12

Old Tom gin, lemon, honey


Rye, dry vermouth, lemon, house grenadine


Cachaça, lime, sugar

Old Fashion...10

Bourbon, turbinado, Angostura
(PJ recommends substituting Bols Genever for Bourbon)

Blood and Sand...11

Scotch, sweet vermouth, orange juice, Cherry Heering

White Negroni...10

Gin, Salers liqueur, dolin Blanc Vermouth

Meeting the Mentors

Second Nature ...12

Watershed Bourbon Barrel Gin, lemon, orgeat, all spice dram, banana liqueur, tiki bitters, Angostura (Created by Alisha Kaplan of Wolf's Ridge Brewery, who is said to be in love with Peewee Herman)

That One Time in Mexico...10

Espolon Reposado, chardonnay syrup, Vida Mezcal, lime zest, mole bitters, light beer (Created by Jillian Smith, Bar Manager at Mouton, who has run with THE Olympic torch.)

The Office ...12

Monkey Shoulder, Aperol, rhubarb amaro, Altos Blanco (Created by Lindsey Waldron of Citizen's Trust, who has played laser tag with Dave Chappelle, and he is apparently very good at it!

The Smoke Show ...12

OYO Stonefruit, mezcal, lime, black pepper honey syrup, pomegranate juice (Created by Christina Basham, Sales Manager and Social Media Maven of Middle West Spirits, who was once offered a professional hand bell ringing contract with a traveling performing group. Yes, hand bells, she said.)

Le Flip Normand ...13

Calvados, bonded rye, Nocino, maple syrup, orgeat, heavy cream, whole egg (Created by Sean Edwards, who graduated top of his class from our Wet Your Own Whistle 2018 Cocktail Program)