Bottled Cocktails To-Go

Profound Dream State **Note the price reflects a larger serving (6.3 oz)

A Most Nefarious Bite...15

Apple brandy, chardonnay, honey, French aperitif, aromatic bitters, cranberry

Countdown to Distinction...12

Butter-washed Pisco, white wine, vinegar, lemon, Peychaud’s Bitters

Tom Ford’s Go-To Salad Dressing...13

Bourbon, vodka, raspberry, walnut, cucumber, mint, lemon, tomato water

Log Cabin Skyscraper...15

Bourbon, rye, Benedictine, Pasubio Amaro, Boston Bittas

Just Missed The Dean’s List...12

Pisco, lime, fermented grenadine, dry vermouth, Absinthe

My Jungle Dove, Oh We Oh We Oh...14

Tequila, cachaca, pineapple, Velvet Falernum, citrus, French aperitif, aromatic bitters

Transistor Table Tennis...15

Rye, sherry, scotch, Creme De Cacao, toasted almond bitters, strawberry

Mr. Jones...14

Select barrel bourbon, Montana huckleberry, cream sherry, Cynar, rosemary, fresh pineapple, citrus