The Light of Seven Matchsticks

In Great Mythologies, the Heroes’ journeys begin with a call to adventure, and they must remove themselves from their typical environment.

Dr. Joseph Campbell describes this other world as a Kingdom Underground, a Profound Dream State.

Tonight, we ask that you run away with us; escape from the mundane, break from orthodoxy; leave your inhibitions behind and enter that other world by the Light of Seven Matchsticks.

News & Events

It’s Repeal Day!

It’s Repeal Day with the Whirlybirds! $10 online, $15 at the door. Tickets get you entry into a raffle, welcome punch, loads of fun with your favorite crew, and a new cocktail menu sponsored by Campari!
Whirlybirds bring the swing. They infuse original and classic tunes with their infectious, high-energy approach and the mentality that if they’re having a good time, you will too. With catchy horn driven melodies, three-part harmonies, and swinging rhythm section, they’ll have you moving your feet and shaking your seat.

Standup From The Waist Up is BACK

Standup From the Waist Up is back! You’re invited to an intimate—and vaccinated—cocktail and comedy event at The Light of Seven Matchsticks! Drinks and jokes get slung from behind the bar by host Travis Hoewischer and his guests Laura Sanders and Chris Siemer. Happy Hour Show: Get Tickets    Late Show: Get Tickets




We Are Taking Reservations!

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