In Great Mythologies, the Heroes’ journeys begin with a call to adventure, and they must remove themselves from their typical environment.

Dr. Joseph Campbell describes this other world as a Kingdom Underground, a Profound Dream State.

Tonight, we ask that you run away with us; escape from the mundane, break from orthodoxy; leave your inhibitions behind and enter that other world by the Light of Seven Matchsticks.

Upcoming Events

Dave Powers: Fat Tuesday Celebration

Tuesday February 13 @ 7:00 pm

Celebrate Fat Tuesday at The Light of Seven Matchsticks, the speakeasy located in the lower level of Natalie’s. Along with special New Orleans food and cocktails, live music will be provided from 7 till 10 pm by the great pianist Dave Powers, who will perform a variety of classic New Orleans music! Door will open at 6 pm, so bring your beads and have some fun!

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Intimate Vibrations with Doc Robinson

Sunday February 18 @ 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm

The Light of Seven Matchsticks presents Doc Robinson in a special inside look at the art of songwriting. Besides performing some of their original songs, they will discuss the inspiration and process they use when composing and writing music, including playing and discussing songs from their next album coming out in April. Proceeds from the ticket sales will benefit the Dick and Jane Project’s ongoing effort to empower middle school students through songwriting. This Columbus based nonprofit organization partners the students with local musicians and producers to create professionally recorded songs that receive airplay on the radio.

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Secret Menu

Stop in and find our hidden secret menu featuring daily specials! Can't find it? Here's a hint.

"I walked in a pouty stranger with horse blinders on, and emerged three hours later, in euphoria. The charm of this place isn’t just the booze—which was good—or the food—also good. It’s the people.

Perhaps that’s the true secret of The Light of Seven Matchsticks—there’s a night for you here that you may not expect. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good secret—but some secrets are just better spilt."